WGR 05 The Compromise Is Not Possible

by Slobodan Kajkut

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“The Compromise is not possible” is a one-hour piece for female voice, guitar, drums and organ, written by independent contemporary composer Slobodan Kajkut.
Created as a commission piece for Hörfest, a festival of contemporary music in Graz (Austria), it was first performed in 2005.
The specific of the piece is the combination of traditional composing techniques of contemporary music such as harmony, time differences and silence with different rock and heavy metal characteristics such as heavy guitar riffs and feedbacks, screams and virtuos drumming parts inspired by speed and death metal.
The piece is exclusively written to be performed in churches.
Three years after its performance at St. Andrä church in Graz, it was recorded at the same place with the same performers in order to be released on vinyl.


released November 4, 2008



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